How to Handle Your Lottery Jackpot

A lot of people get excited when they win a lottery jackpot, but they don’t know how to handle their winnings. Many lottery winners lose their money and their marriages. Others may be unable to provide for their families and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. However, many winners make it a point to share their money with loved ones, including their children. Listed below are some tips to help lottery winners handle their winnings. After claiming your prize, you should assemble a financial dream team. This team should include estate planning lawyers, investment advisers, certified public accountants, private bankers, and insurance specialists.

Hitting the Lottery Jackpot by David Nibert examines the state’s dependency on lotteries. The author illustrates how the state’s role in lottery promotion conflicts with its role as a gambling promoter. Advertising agencies, ticket vendors, and TV stations benefit from lottery advertising, while the majority of lottery wagers do not result in prizes. The poor and people of color are among those who lose more money than they win. The book is an interesting read for those interested in the history of lotteries.

In Hitting the Lottery Jackpot, David Nibert focuses on the conflict between the state and lotteries. He argues that the state’s role in lottery promotions is essentially a pernicious government tax. The lottery’s promotion helps fund the state’s budget, yet it also benefits advertising agencies, TV stations, and ticket vendors. And even though less than half of the prize money actually goes to the winners, many people from low-income and minority backgrounds still lose money.