Sports Betting Types and Their Probabilities


You can place bets on sports events during play or before the game starts. Both of these options are based on probabilities. A high probability event will pay out less than a low probability one, and vice versa. Higher risk events pay more, but there is a larger risk involved. Typically, there are two sides to every event, although some sports betting options may offer multiple choices. Listed below are some common betting types and their probabilities.

Points: A spread bet is an option that gives you the opportunity to bet on the difference between the final score of two teams. It is used in sports where teams are poorly matched. In college football and basketball, the talent difference is so great that betting a moneyline on each team is unnecessary. Instead, bettors can bet on the margin of victory and profit. Props: In sports betting, point spreads are often used to even out unbalanced games. The point spread is determined by determining the strength of two teams. In college basketball, if a team scores more points than their opponent, the bet is considered a favorite. Conversely, if the team scores less than the point spread, the bettors can bet on the underdog regardless of the final score.

Sports betting spreads are common in American sports. Moneyline betting is based on a team’s chances of winning. This betting type is based on American odds and the favorite is designated as a minus. A favorite is a -200 favorite. This means that you bet $100 on the favorite and lose $200 on the underdog. Favorite bets also come with higher odds, but you should note that they can be riskier.